The envisaged Next Generation Internet (NGI) flagship will introduce an internet for the people to help evolve from today’s internet, which is primitive, fragmented, with security/privacy concerns and a concentration of power, towards a more inclusive one demonstrating a level playing field for participation.

The SpeakNGI.eu project aims to establish and enact an open, dynamic and continuous consultation process with all relevant stakeholder groups on a “citizen-centric” quest to discover their needs for the NGI. The project’s multi-faceted consultation process will be supported by an authoritative SpeakNGI.eu European Champions Panel (ECP) that is composed of carefully selected stakeholder representatives acting as recruiters, motivators and evangelists for NGI activities in their respective domains.

SpeakNGI.eu will ensure fruitful cooperation with the other NGI pathfinder projects, in the gathering of research and innovation topics and shaping the NGI programme, along with the established consultation processes that will run on the SpeakNGI.eu consultation platform, to fully support the establishment of a highly ambitious NGI Flagship toward the end of the Horizon 2020 programme and into FP9.

The core objectives of SpeakNGI.eu include:

  • Deliver and maintain a state-of-the-art consultation platform to collate multiple open and dynamic consultation mechanisms for engagement with the NGI Stakeholder community;
  • Develop an open and extendable framework to structure and visualise the NGI stakeholder Knowledge Base;
  • Establish consultation mechanisms that target stakeholders to cover all necessary dimensions of European society;
  • Establish instruments to ensure sustainable access to the consultation process and knowledge for all relevant NGI stakeholder communities beyond 2020, in line with the NGI long-term strategy.

The SpeakNGI.eu consortium comprises Waterford Institute of TechnologyTSSG (Ireland) and Trust-IT Services (United Kingdom).


SpeakNGI.eu coordinator: James Clarke <[email protected]>