Country: United Kingdom
Organisation: Alice SI Limited

Twitter: @alice_si_

Alice is a decentralised impact funding and measurement platform. It provides transparency on what social and environmental projects achieve with public and private funding, while reducing administrative costs through automation. Being an open-source decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol, Alice allows anyone to create transparent decentralised applications (dApps). It nurtures, this way, a collaborative economy between citizens, corporations, governments and it stimulates new business models towards a mass social funding market.

Alice empowers the people supported by social and environmental projects to outline their needs and define each project’s goals. The corporations or social organisations in charge of a project receive public and private funding on Alice to deliver on the predefined goals. Once a goal is achieved and validated, Alice’s smart contracts manage payout transactions between private investors and commissioners and transparently showcase impact achieved to all stakeholders.

Alice enables greater visibility of private and public spending by showing transparently, on a public distributed ledger, the effectiveness of administrative processes and services delivered to all citizens and communities.

Alice democratises the use of Blockchain as it (a) removes the complexity of wallet handling, accepting fiat currencies with debit/credit cards, (b) allows anyone to view any smart contract transaction, through a very simple User Interface, (c) reflects real-world change of circumstances of a project through groundbreaking updatable smart contracts and (d) creates a marketplace for legal clauses bound to smart contract code.

Through its innovations, Alice sets a global framework of utilising Blockchain technology to achieve social good, placing the EU at the forefront of creating and distributing emerging tech innovations for a sustainable future.

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