Country: Spain

Blockchain Energy Database for EU Communities

HORIZON PROYECTOS ENERGETICOS, from now on KLENERGY, is an SME specialised in developing decentralised technologies and digitalisation solutions for the energy sector. KLENERGY has developed PYLON Network, a blockchain-based energy marketplace designed as a cooperative tool for all stakeholders in the energy sector.

The energy market conditions are sending clear signals for change:

  1. the way that we consume, produce and manage energy can have many negative impacts to our economies, societies and environment;
  2. Renewable Energy (RE) and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are becoming a competitive form of electricity in an increasing number of countries and energy markets, offering energy independence, cost reduction and security.

PYLON solution focuses on current energy platforms challenges to provide innovations for the sector needs, mainly related with the security issues arising from the decentralisation of the energy model and the increase of prosumers. To this end, PYLON technology exploits the transparent and immutable nature of blockchain for providing data security (to all energy stakeholders) and data privacy by-design (to European consumers). PYLON Network creates a real-time digital marketplace of energy services based on the security and privacy provided by PYLON blockchain-based technology, which is designed to play the role of a Neutral Data-Hub (NDH) for the energy sector in the era of digitalisation. Its open-source design facilitates integration within current meter devices, which act as validation nodes recording energy data on the secure, transparent, NDH.

Using Pylon NDH as the foundation for data sharing & data management, a digital toolkit for EU energy communities is built on top. The digital toolkit is offered within an open ecosystem, on which any existing or future community tool is being integrated, growing the ecosystem of available personalized services addressing the special needs of energy communities across the EU.

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