Country: The Netherlands
Organisation: Posth Werk BV

Twitter: @coblo_net

The Content Blockchain is an open initiative and decentralized blockchain network tailored to the specific needs of the digital media content ecosystem. The global network supports content related transactions and digital media licensing. It operates based on an open governance model and is owned by the participants themselves.

The initiative is providing the foundational tools and standards required for building innovative applications and services on the blockchain. These enable creative individuals, media companies and cultural institutions to better discover, access, manage, share, offer and license digital media content and exchange value through the network.

The Content Blockchain supports:

  • Easy-to-use applications for a fair monetization of cultural creations, media products and other digital works
  • Transparent license management to simplify handling of intellectual property and related copyrights
  • Traceable verification of ownership and integrity validation for documents, publications, news, or other public or academic content
  • Collaborative creation and distribution of media content on a decentralized platform
  • Open participation for application developers and end users as well as a community-based, decentralized on-chain governance to ensure inclusion and guarantee network transparency
  • Innovative, secure, scalable, sustainable and environmentally friendly consensus algorithm (proof-of-unique-identity) to validate transactions without excessive energy consumption.
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