Country: Estonia
Organisation: OriginalMy Blockchain OÜ

Website: originalmy.com
Twitter: @originalmycom

OriginalMy is a startup using blockchain technology to improve governance, reduce bureaucracy and democratise access to justice.

The challenge to achieve that vision is building trust and increase the overall governance process while providing compliance, risk management and cybersecurity tools that cannot be flawed, temperable and non-verifiable – because of high concentration of power and lack of transparency.

The solution is presenting a comprehensive trusted and immutable blockchain framework, covering end to end aspects of e-Governance, with:

  • The next generation of Decentralised Digital Identity & storage of assets;
  • Seamlessly authentication with proof-of-authorship;
  • Single Sign-On with user control of delivering and management of own personal data;
  • Authentic and verifiable signed documents, contracts and authorisations;
  • Proof-of-authenticity for digital content;
  • Blockchain-enabled e-voting systems;

This approach is trustful because it improves the overall governance, by reducing costs, saving time and distributing the concentration of power. It is flexible to address an array of risk and compliance needs, performs traceability of all digital acts performed and has the transparency and enhanced security provided by robust blockchain cryptography protocols.

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