Country: Italy
Organisation: PROSUME srl

Twitter: @ProsumeEnergy

Energy should be a common good. The digital transformation is making a growing number of daily operations highly reliant on the energy infrastructure. From industrial plants, to smart cities, to individual households, such fundamental infrastructure of reality must be operated in the collective interest, aiming for: environmental sustainability, algorithmic and digital sovereignty, economic equality.

PROSUME is a DLT-based platform providing a novel decentralized and autonomous digital marketplace for peer-to-peer energy trading. The marketplace allows a seamless integration of prosumers – consumers who are also producers of renewable energy, in the so far highly monopolised and fossils-based energy sector. PROSUME promotes new energy community models, which ultimately can support the transition to a sustainable economic model for energy production, distribution and storage based on renewables.

PROSUME application so far encompasses six successful use cases (TRL 7-8, a ~2000-people strong community) of DLT as means for decentralizing processes related to global sustainability challenges, contributing to five Sustainable Development Goals in total. A large scale adoption of PROSUME digital infrastructure can play a key role in accelerating the EU target of at least 27% renewable energy sources share in final energy consumption by 2030. PROSUME is a ready-made digital infrastructure for the European Green Deal in the energy sector. PROSUME unique value proposition is:

  • Making energy easily accessible to anyone
  • Providing accurate and transparent data
  • A modularised and integrated solution (accessibility, accounting, service, market) guaranteeing more flexibility and interoperability
  • Open Source software with Privacy by design and Standards compliance (ETSI+INATBA+GDPR)
  • Integration in the Infrastructure layer (software can be easily installed on any type of architecture)
  • An inclusive approach towards 3rd party providers
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