Country: United Kingdom
Organisation: Project Provenance Ltd

Twitter: @ProvenanceHQ


Proof Points are a new blockchain-based software solution developed by social enterprise Provenance. They allow businesses to prove the impact behind their business and products, enabling a consistent information presentation with robust, multi-layered evidence that’s easy to validate and in a format that’s easily shared. As the markets for physical goods become more open through technology, the vision for Proof Points is to integrate impact with commerce, accessible to everyone, whilst empowering supply chain actors to control their data.

Started as a research project in 2013, Provenance were one of the first organisations to pioneer the use of blockchain technology for social good. We have dedicated ourselves to using decentralized technologies to radically increase positive social impact in the supply chains of consumer products, tackling the problem of opacity, and the lack of commercial incentives for improvement.

As an organisation, we exist to enable a future of supply chain and impact transparency with integrity.  For the EIC Horizon Prize on Blockchains for Social Good, we enter Provenance’s approach to impact verification – “Provenance Proof Points” – a new product, offered as part of our software platform. We have proved the dramatic potential for this new software system through live in-market examples, which show its impact today, as well as its potential for social impact at scale.

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