Country: Andorra
Organisation: ElectriCChain SL

Twitter: @SolarCoin_SLR

SolarCoin is a cryptocurrency, launched in January 2014, the worlds first (solar) energy-backed currency: 1MWh of solar power = § 1SLR (independently and in addition to existing Government-backed subsidies). Over 15 TWh of solar energy have received SolarCoin (SLR) in 83 countries and over +7.000 individual solar installs are already participating to the worlds first Community-based (solar) incentive program.

SolarCoin is a Digital Asset impacting and benefiting the entire Solar Industry Value Chain: ie Solar Manufacturers, Asset Managers, PV Owners, Inverter/Monitoring Companies, EPC’s/O&M, Utilities, Governments, NGOs & central banks, allowing for uptake of Solar Power at a Global Scale, and thereby initiating and supporting the Global Energy Transition.

SolarCoin runs its own Blockchain, a low-cost low-carbon POSt (Proof of Stake-time) technology since 2015 with 100% uptime and zero% hacking.

Each MWh of solar energy produced through a solar install awards one SolarCoin to the solar owner. SolarCoin is like a “Solar Miles” reward program for solar electricity generation and is easily embedded through open-source tools to any Datalogger and/or solar monitoring company. The World´s largest solar monitoring platform and inverter producer, SMA-Sunny Portal is currently rolling out SolarCoin through its portal, thereby allowing upwards of 600.000 solar installations to potentially participate into the program.

SolarCoin is a member of, among others:

  • The UN Sponsored Climate Chain Coalition and has presented at CCC-UN COP22 in Marrakech and recently COP25 in Madrid,
  • SolarPowerEurope, the European Solar Association based in Brussels,
  • The UK Solar Trade Association,
  • IRENA´s Coalition for Action on Climate Change

SolarCoin has ongoing projects with the UNDP and has been recognized by IRENA as a reward for solar power producers worldwide.

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