The Common Good Chain

Country: Spain
Organisation: The Common Good Chain

Twitter: @ComGo_io

The collective journey of 2030 Agenda requires citizens and organization’s commitment towards Sustainable Development. To promote accountable institutions and strong partnerships to ensure trust in the entire social system, philanthropy and impact investment need to be disrupted.

ComGo, developed by The Common Good Chain is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem for philanthropy, volunteering, social investment, CSR and fair trade. Individuals and organizations can manage, trace and measure their social activity on ComGo platform. It works as a pioneering social network certifying and giving visibility to the social reputation of contributing individuals and public and private organizations. Its Social Index Rating will value commitment and contribution to social good, enabling rewarding and increasing the attitude towards social and environmental impact.

ComGo allows a collaborative economy based on financial inclusion. It interconnects citizens and institutions to finance projects to generate wealth. It encourages fair and responsible business.  It offers transparency, accountability, privacy as it provides transaction’s tracking empowering traceability of immutable Blockchain distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It allows visibility of public and private spending and of production processes, allowing citizens participation and influence on decision-making.

It is a sample of usability and inclusiveness, generating a public digital ecosystem for the common good. Any citizen irrespective all over the world will be able to join ComGo using Federated Identity Management. It provides a secure environment in a private permissioned Blockchain that serves for current activities, getting cost efficiency offering large scale viability. The sustainable business model is guaranteed by the contributions made by the massive scale of users, generating multiple positive economies and new verticals.

As a multilevel “mosaic” of applications integrated as an entire system for the Common Good, it could be an EU venture builder for blockchain applications for Good, and serve as a bold solution to help the EU succeed in 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and EU commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050.

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