Media & Content Hyper-personalisation

NGI webinar 14.11.2018 – Media & Content Hyper-personalisation

The webinar was organised by the HUB4NGI project on 14 November 2018. The webinar, based on a paper written in collaboration with the Vital Media project and NEM – the New European Media initiative – examined the strategic importance of hyper personalisation in today’s context, to support media in the creative sector and in business. The aim of the initiative is to enable service providers with appropriate tools that ensure individuals are treated as unique customers, and in ways that retain customer trust. Among others, this ensures customers’ identities “travel” with them ATAWAD (any time, anywhere, on any device). Danet discussed in detail the seven topics of key interest to NEM, as enablers of hyper personalisation: transparent, objective capture and reuse of dynamic user behaviour; novel recommendation systems; identity management; big data with AI – to deliver competitive customer service in real time; privacy; and accessibility – the need to “design for all”.

Questions from the audience addressed concerns about guaranteeing transparency for the user, especially where the social media giants are concerned; and the danger associated with the creation of filter bubbles or enclaves.

Pierre-Yves Danet works for Orange, France, and is one of the French contact points for the NGI initiative. He serves also as an expert for the HUB4NGI project.

Timo Lahnalampi, Martel Innovate/HUB4NGI project, concluded the webinar by presenting different ways to join NGI and highlighted next big events where to meet NGI team.

The presentations of the webinar are available on the website at: