14 Nov: Media & Content Hyper-personalisation

NGI webinar 14.11.2018 – Media & Content Hyper-personalisation

The webinar was organised by the HUB4NGI project on 14 November 2018. The webinar, based on a paper written in collaboration with the Vital Media project and NEM – the New European …


23 Oct: NGI and the “Decentralised Web”

The Decentralised Web has made global headlines in recent weeks, with articles in high-profile publications such as The Guardian, Fast Company and IEEE Spectrum. Some the hype stems from Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s announcement that he is launching a …

Ten Challenges for the Internet

22 Oct: Ten Challenges for The Internet

In this blog, we introduce the ten key topics that form the basis for the Engineroom project’s vision for a more inclusive, democratic and resilient internet.

Author: Katja Bego

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been laying the groundwork