04 Jun: STOA Roundtable on Digital Sovereign Identity

The classical tools of political economy were well suited for the analogue world. Strategies were built on resource scarcity and ‘real’ events with physical objects. As, for example, transportation was experiencing revolution with cars, roads and highways becoming mainstream, it …

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04 May: Build-up Bootcamp with TETRA

TETRA’s “Build-up“ bootcamp was designed to help accelerate projects, ideas, or start-ups from the “R&D stage” to the “Go-To-Market stage”.

The bootcamp will be held from 29 September to 1 October 2020* in Tallinn, Estonia.

*If the situation in Europe


23 Apr: NGI – The people building the Internet of tomorrow

The Next Generation Internet community is an incredibly talented group of people whose combined efforts are creating a human-centric Internet.

With NGI, researchers and innovators run projects throughout Europe in a diverse array of subject areas from cryptography to federated …