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As background to this deliverable, in Work Package, 2, Consultation Platform, there has been one deliverable already submitted. The first deliverable of WP2, entitled Deliverable D2.1, Consultation Platform, Knowledge Base and Digital Processes, is listed as an “Other” type of deliverable in the Description of Action (DoA) as it is an on-line software platform. The platform was launched early and made available to the NGI communities at since November 6th, 2017.

In addition, the project has submitted an accompanying written report with D2.1 in January 2018 to accompany the aforementioned on-line consultation platform and knowledge base platform with a through description of its current status and the related roadmap for future iterations of development, as well as a description of the processes involved in operating the platform itself.

This current deliverable, D2.2, First Consultation Process Report, on the other hand, focuses on the actual contents of the Consultation Platform and Knowledge base, in terms of an analysis breakdown of the NGI community of users and moderated and recorded inputs to the many NGI discussion channels. It also analyses the results to date with respect to the other Inter-CSA activities taking place, including the scoping of NGI research topics carried out by the other pathfinder CSAs, especially Engineroom, NGI Move, Hub4NGI, and a previous NGI Study funded by the European Commission.