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[SpeakNGI.eu] White paper on stakeholder engagement

Europe is investing in technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, interactive and immersive technologies and cybersecurity. These investments will help Europe stay at the forefront of game changing developments. Alongside this, we need to prioritise privacy and security by design and protect user privacy, security and control of their own data. Many of the technologies driven by the distribution of computing power are radically redefining business processes, our economy and society. The overarching goal of the white paper is to show how during the experience of the SpeakNGI.eu project it has been possible to grasp the opportunities to look at emerging and merging technologies through the lens on various stakeholder groups, while keeping a close eye on the various key drivers for the development of a human-centric internet. This white paper covers NGI-related technologies and human values through the lens of the NGI community, European Champions Panel, Early Adopters Club, and external experts. Each perspective comes from contributions posted in the discussion channels on the NGI Consultation Platform, zooming in on research challenges and priorities, looking also at relevant standardisation efforts. The selected posts aim to reflect the diversity of the viewpoints elicited through online and face-to-face discussions. Some relevant policy recommendations are provided, on the fundamental role of ‘Technology radars’, on ‘internet policy and civil society’, on the need of stronger connections with cybersecurity research and of co-ordinated investments in 5G and AI, as well as on the option of small-scale funding and innovation vouchers to further build the NGI vision, also through positive initiatives such as the Early Adopters Club. Finally, the Appendix outlines the diverse engagement mechanisms and levers that SpeakNGI.eu has used around its consultation platform, showing the added value of pursuing a multi-stakeholder approach to help realise the ambitious vision for the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet. Welcome to the Next Generation Internet and our kaleidoscope of stakeholder viewpoints.

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