Blockchains for Social Good

February 10, 2020 all-day
Joint Research Centre | European Commission
Rue du Champ de Mars 21
1050 Ixelles

EIC Horizon Prize, Blockchains for Social Good – Finalists’ Day

Finalists’ day of the Blockchain for Social Good EIC Prize will be held on 10 February, 2020, in the Atrium of JRC, Brussels.

The interactive event features discussions among the 23 finalists as well as an engaged audience, plus poster presentations of the different applications.

Twenty-three finalists selected out of the 178 applications received for the EIC Prize “Blockchains for Social Good” will present and discuss their ideas with other innovators. The event brings together Blockchain innovators, experts and curious minds from across the globe to explore how Blockchain can support social good in a variety of application areas such as:

  • traceability and fair trade
  • public transparency
  • decentralised platforms and circular economy
  • managing public records
  • financial inclusion
  • health
  • quality content
  • aid and philanthropy
  • energy

In a five-minute pitch, each of the 23 finalists gets the opportunity to present their social good solutions, business model and interface. Finalists present their key concepts to an engaged audience which should gain a better understanding of the project as well as get excited about its application.

The general public and external participants will have ample opportunity to comment and ask questions.

What is the Blockchains for Social Good prize?

The EIC Horizon Prize ‘Blockchains for Social Good’ awards the next generation of Blockchain innovators in the broad area of social good, where Blockchain technologies can enable solutions for the emerging environmental, social and economic sustainability challenges.

By awarding €5 million to the five innovators that come up with the most promising Blockchain solutions to different social good areas, the initiative aims to motivate the development of decentralised social innovations for the benefit of European society.

Where do they come from?

In 2019, applicants from 43 different countries submitted 178 proposals, 33 of which are from non-EU countries. Applicants are mostly small private companies or consortia, and include individuals and public institutions.

A multidisciplinary jury of 30 high-level experts in Blockchain technologies and economic and social sciences evaluated the 178 applications against the five criteria set in the rules of the contest. Successful candidates must demonstrate positive social impact, decentralization and governance, usability and inclusiveness, viability at large scale, and European added-value. The jury selected the finalists in November 2019, and will identify the winners after additional hearings, by the end of March 2020.

Abstracts Finalists’ Day EIC Prize “Blockchains for Social Good”

  • All
  • (1) traceability & fair trade
  • (2) public transparency
  • (3) managing public records
  • (4) decentralised platforms and circular economy
  • (5) aid & philanthropy
  • (6) energy
  • (7) health
  • (8) quality content
  • (9) financial inclusion

20 Dec: AID:Tech

AID:Tech is an Irish company using blockchain technology to tackle issues faced by end-users and institutions when dealing with access to social and financial…

20 Dec: Alice

Alice is a decentralised impact funding and measurement platform. It provides transparency on what social and environmental projects achieve with public and private funding…

20 Dec: BED4EUC

Blockchain Energy Database for EU Communities. PROYECTOS ENERGETICOS, from now on KLENERGY, is an SME specialised in developing decentralised technologies…

20 Dec: BitDegree

BitDegree is one of the global leaders in the field of Blockchain in Education, recognized as one of the leading EdTech startups in Europe and in 2019 has won the World Summit Awards…

20 Dec: Blockchain My Art

Blockchain My Art (BMA) is a fair and transparent payment service, coming with a  powerful communication tool in one unique solution based on blockchain technology…

20 Dec: Circularise

Circularise has developed a blockchain-based communication protocol that turns fair working conditions and sustainable sourcing of raw material into…

20 Dec: COBLO

The Content Blockchain is an open initiative and decentralized blockchain network tailored to the specific needs of the digital media content ecosystem…

20 Dec: COIN

This application is the submission of a blockchain solution for social good, the result of a partnership between ScanTrust SA and Quorum Control GmbH…

20 Dec: CommonsHood

CommonsHood is a Blockchain based Wallet app that aims to provide the general public with a tool not only to distribute cryptographical tokens…


Aligned with the European Directive 2014/92/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014, Member States have the obligation…


WIDE-SCALE EXPERIMENT WITH ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIC STRUCTURES Capitalism needs a reset, says the Financial Times, accompanied by the CEOs of digital platform giants…

20 Dec: Kleros, The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer

3 to 5% of the 38.5 billion e-commerce transactions per year end in a dispute. This means that roughly 155 million disputes need to be reviewed every year…

20 Dec: Meditect

A pan-European decentralized network for the traceability and authenticity of medicines. Unbeknownst to the general public, the trafficking of falsified medicines…

20 Dec: Minexx

Connecting miners to the world: Using blockchain to improve the welfare of artisanal miners. While working for an IoT solar energy company, Minexx’s founding team…

20 Dec: OriginalMy

OriginalMy is a startup using blockchain technology to improve governance, reduce bureaucracy and democratise access to justice. The challenge to achieve…


Energy should be a common good. The digital transformation is making a growing number of daily operations highly reliant on the energy infrastructure…

20 Dec: Provenance

Proof Points are a new blockchain-based software solution developed by social enterprise Provenance. They allow businesses to prove the impact behind their business…

20 Dec: SolarCoin

SolarCoin is the worlds first (solar) energy-backed currency: 1MWh of solar power = § 1SLR (independently and in addition to existing Government-backed subsidies)…

20 Dec: The Common Good Chain

The collective journey of 2030 Agenda requires citizens and organization’s commitment towards Sustainable Development. To promote accountable institutions…

20 Dec: The UnBlocked Cash Project

This application showcases The UnBlocked Cash Project, and focuses on generating positive social change among some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world…

20 Dec: VIDchain

Since the beginning of the online revolution, the secure validation of the real identity of people in the digital environment has presented itself as a problem…


Our project focuses on the design and development of a decentralized, user-centered and scalable ledger as a mobile and a web application for the registration…

20 Dec: WordProof

The internet has a deep-rooted issue: trust. How do consumers know whether the information presented by websites can be trusted, and how can website owners claim…



EIC Horizon Prize, Blockchains for Social Good Finalists’ day

TimeMonday 10 February 2020
Coffee & presentation set-up
Setting the scene
09.30-10:30Category: (1) Traceability & fair trade
Presentations and discussion
10:30-11:30Categories: (2) Public transparency, (3) Managing public records
Presentations and discussion
11:30-12:30Category: (4) Decentralized platforms & circular economy
Presentations and discussion
12:30-13:30LUNCH BREAK
Poster presentations
13:30-14:30Category: (5) aid & philanthropy
Presentations and discussion
14:30-15:30Categories: (6) energy, (7) health
Presentations and discussion
15:30-16:30Category: (8) quality content
Presentations and discussion
16:30-17:30Category: (9) financial inclusion