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Cascade Funding: open opportunities for your project

June 23, 2023 @ 11:00 12:00

Sploro - Cascade Funding Oppurtunities

Cascade funding, also known as financial support to third parties (FSTP), is an instrument of the European Commission to distribute public funds and generate opportunities for SMEs, startups and/or mid-cap companies, in the adoption or development of digital technologies. The main objective is to simplify the administrative processes faced by European companies, allowing them to faster access to finance.

We invite you to the  InfoDay organized by Sploro to learn about the most relevant calls for Cascade Funding in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We will provide first-hand information on the following open calls:

NGI Sargasso: This initiative aims to foster European collaboration with the US and Canada in areas such as trust and data sovereignty, digital identity, internet architecture renovation, decentralized technologies, and standards, all crucial for shaping the future of the Internet.

6G-SANDBOX: The main objective of the 6G Sand Box project is to develop and test new 6G technologies. The project aims to create a platform for testing and validating new technologies that will be used in future wireless communication systems. The project will focus on developing new radio access technologies, network architectures, and security mechanisms that will enable the creation of new services and applications.

StandICT.eu: This initiative focuses on supporting the participation and contribution of EU specialists in standardization development organizations (SDOs) and standards-setting organizations (SSOs) activities. It covers the five essential building blocks of the digital Single Market: 5G, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Big Data, and IoT.

NGI0 Entrust is a program that fosters open source and open hardware solutions to privacy and data governance problems in internet technology. It allows independent researchers and developers to work on new cutting edge solutions in the public benefit, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation through free and open source software, libre hardware and open standards. 

Join us at the InfoDay and stay informed about these exciting opportunities in ICT Cascade Funding!