NGI Talks Roundtable

November 24, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
On-line event

The Next Generation Internet: The Internet of Humans

The Next Generation Internet initiative is designed to create an internet of humans that responds to our fundamental needs, including trust, security and inclusion.

With the explosion of the Internet of Things, multimedia content and social media, the Internet offers unprecedented access to data and online services. Artificial intelligence helps to extract meaning from this data and to embed autonomy and intelligence into networks, connected objects and services. This promises to revolutionise healthcare, public services, transport, finance – to name just a few Sectors.

Yet, as technological advances upgrade what the Internet can do, there is no matching increase in the trust people place on the Internet. On the contrary, such trust, which is one of the pillars of technology acceptance, has eroded in recent years.

Join the NGI Talk, this time chaired by quite a few internet experts who will be discussing how redesigning the Internet and interconnection ecosystems can help the society.

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About the speakers:

  • Antonio Grasso
    Founder & CEO @, Digital entrepreneur with a passion for knowledge translation, B2B Tech Influencer, Author & Speaker, Startups Mentor
  • Antonio Santos
    Co-Founder of DT Lab, CxO Adviser on digital transformation, future of work, diversity and inclusion focused on sustainability
  • Mirko Ross
    CEO of, Cybersecurity Researcher, Speaker, DLT / Blockchain, Member of ENISA IoT, Security Expert Group
  • Kai Michael Hermsen
    Global Coordinator for the Charter of Trust; Member of the Siemens Cybersecurity Board
  • Pierre Pinna
    Founder CEO IPFConline Digital Innovations