Amlet enhances customer due diligence for financial institutions by automating KYC processes using the Self-Sovereign Identity framework. It makes 'portable CDD' a reality without the need of any centralized database.





Additional Info

Amlet automates CDD for any FIs that need it, moving from a long, complex, repetitive process to a streamlined machine-assisted one. Today, opening any financial services requires the customers to provide a lot of credentials and to repeat the very same passages at any new one. On the other side, FIs must check and verify the data with human intense and manual processes, often relying on watchlists with high risk to onboard risky customers or businesses. A lot of core bank service providers are starting to include automated KYC and KYB in their portfolio, but they mostly focus on identity verification and watchlists check. Amlet is different as it is mainly focused on evaluating and forecasting customer�s risk using AI. In particular, Amlet is based on Mopso NET, a standard graph database that uses its own AML
Ontology. Mopso NET is continuously enriched using the Osint methodology with external dataset to maintain it as a key unmatchable differentiator.

Enduser Relevance

Nowadays, onboarding is a long and complex process made of various steps of form-filling and credentials sharing: this process deeply affects customers� experience as they are requested to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks.


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Country:  Italy

Keyword: AIOntologyRDFSelf-sovereign Identity

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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