Healthcare Professionals Digital Staff Passport

Truu has developed a healthcare digital staff passport to enable remote and secure employment checks and verification of healthcare professionals. The passport allows clinicians to benefit from the principles of SSI and Verifiable Credentials.




Health DSP

Additional Info

Repetitive identity checks for health workers are a problem across the world. NHS estimates 100,000 days per year of clinical time are lost on just on junior doctors. Up to 65% of checks fail due to missing or outdated documentation and examples of fraudulent doctors practicing in US, Australia and UK. During training, doctors can move hospitals 10 times on average resulting in wasted time away from patients and high levels of administration. Doctors and hospitals using the Truu platform can instantly and remotely onboard reducing lost clinical time, HR administration and shortening onboarding times from 2 months to 2 minutes through sharing verifiable credentials from trusted issuers. Truu’s digital passport also enables passwordless single sign on to clinical apps and IT systems reducing delays to patient care and increasing governance.

Enduser Relevance

Healthcare workers complete actual in-person paper-based checks remotely & securely, allowing them to spend more time with patients. Organisations benefit from verifying clinician digital credentials, reducing administrative burden and risk of fraud.


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Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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