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Because jobs are changing rapidly due to technological developments, skillgaps are emerging. WorkPi helps people measure and decrease their skill gaps by providing an open marketplace for assessments & e-learning courses





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WorkPi measures the skills, characteristics and preferences that are important for the jobs of today and tomorrow. With a unique datamodel, skills taxonomy and aggregator tool for assessments, WorkPi is able to give employers and employees exclusive insights into their skills and performance.
Because this data is personal and privacy sensitive, it is important that there are no central intermediaries that control it. To realise this, Self-Sovereign Identity can help. All WorkPi data will be stored in SSI wallets, thereby enabling users to take control over their own career related data. At the same time, this techniques gives companies across various industries a safe environment to collaborate, and share anonymised data insights about the most important skills for different jobs. Now, companies will be able to make data driven decisions, based on an inter-enterprise algorithm without privacy concerns. Also, employees will be able to control work-related for their entire career.

Enduser Relevance

WorkPi enables employees to take back control over their career, by granting them a unique opportunity to collect work-related data in one place without losing it when changing jobs.


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Country:  Netherlands

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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