Authority Delegation & Verifiable Mandates

With this project, NETIS will address the SSI aspect of Authority Delegation (AD) or Verifiable Mandates (VM) � as referred within EBSI/ESSIF.





Additional Info

Verifiable Mandates (VM) are fundamental for the broad adoption of SSI by businesses (e.g. mandate employees) & individuals (e.g. parents representing children). However, there are no detailed governance frameworks and outlined process flows, which cover the VMs, particularly no solutions aligned with ESSIF as well as legacy frameworks like eIDAS. Furthermore, there are no viable tech solutions for it, which would enable simple usage.
Our innovation will be multi-fold and will contribute to 1) the governance of authority delegations (AD), 2) with defined models, schemas, as well as 3) a technical solution, consisting in a library, which will enable the core functions for ADs (secure and user-friendly management of ADs in the form of VCs) and which will be usable in other IT solutions (e.g. android mobile wallet, java-based enterprise wallets).

Enduser Relevance

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NETIS, ra?unalni�ki in�eniring d.o.o.


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Country:  Slovenia

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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