Aries Mobile SDK for React Native

The Aries Mobile SDK is a complete toolkit for cross-platform iOS and Android development using React Native. The SDK contains reusable issuer, holder and verifier components as well as essential components for mobile development (e.g. deeplinking).





Additional Info

Developers can either start from scratch or integrate a selection of components into their existing mobile app. The Aries Mobile SDK is credential format and DID method agnostic, it uses the latest open standards to break out of the Indy & Aries ecosystem (e.g. W3C VCs, DIF PE, BBS+ Signatures).
The Aries Mobile SDK is 100% open-source, focuses on interoperability and open standards and is accessible for developers of any skill level. It aims to drastically lower the barrier of mobile SSI development.
The Aries Mobile SDK is built on top of Aries Framework JavaScript. Modules combine all recurring flows into high-level methods, allowing to e.g. create a connection and issue a revocable credential in a few lines of code.
The SDK uses DIDComm for secure and encrypted communication between agents.

Enduser Relevance

With this one SDK, developers can build mobile SSI solutions for any use case.


Animo Solutions: [email protected], co-founder Animo Solutions


Not available yet


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Country:  Netherlands

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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