Seamless user onboarding 4 Self-Sovereign Identity

OnboardSSI focuses on providing a secure and user-friendly wallet solution creating an easier way for citizens to manage their identity.





Additional Info

The concept of SSI was designed with the citizen and privacy in mind. However, existing implementations lack user-friendliness (e.g., showing hash codes to users), creating potential barriers in users’ adoption. OnboardSSI will leverage AI to remotely verify users’ identity, without human validator intervention, and creating verifiable credentials. OnboardSSI will provide the appropriate abstraction for citizens to easily manage their credentials. Finally, Quadible’s AI continuous behavioural authentication, will secure the credentials, by combining 14 different behavioural and biometric traits.

Enduser Relevance

End-users will perform a 3-step identity verification including scanning of proof-of-identity, person cross-check through liveness detection, facial matching, and document validation, reaching High Level of Assurance based on eIDAS regulation.


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Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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