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Building an open Single Sign On solution for a human-centric Internet





Additional Info

GATACA Connect is an SSI Solution for Verifiers that allows them to request and verify W3C-compliant Verifiable Credentials to authenticate users. GATACA Connect integrates with other components, such us the GATACA wallet, DID resolvers, and Schema and Issuer Registries in order to verify DIDs and Verifiable Credentials.

GATACA Connect -and the entire GATACA platform- was designed following global interoperability principles. For this reason, it implements existing W3C standards and provides an interoperability layer to enable multi-chain support.

Thanks to eSSIF-Lab, GATACA Connect opened all its APIs. The goal was to allow other providers to integrate their wallets with our verifier in case they wish to, or to build new Verifiers following the same interfaces, allowing our wallet to connect to said verifiers

Enduser Relevance

The ultimate goal behind this work is to allow clearing the existing binding between the Wallets and Verifiers of any technology provider.


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Country:  Spain

Status: Tested and internet-scalable solution

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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