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Although the field of SSI is gaining wider recognition, several challenges such as lack of standards, clear implementation documentation, security concerns and regulatory uncertainty inhibit its rapid adaptation. Consequently, the decision-making process for SSI authentication implementation can be time-consuming, and it is challenging to choose a trustworthy solution-provider that also meets all technological requirements. This will change with SSI-as-a-service, representing a one-stop-shop for developers by bringing a collection of services and libraries for SSI integration in one place. The solution, based on universality, compliance and interoperability, will therefore greatly simplify the SSI integration processes, and consequently accelerate its use in many services and industries, all leading to SSI mass adoption.

Enduser Relevance

SSI-as-a-Service, as a one-point-shop that offers developers a collection of services and libraries for SSI integration, will allow easy implementation and give assurance that components are interoperable, universal and compliant with regulation.


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Country:  Slovenia

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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