Management Interface for Verifier Policies

The User Friendly Management Interface for Verifier Policies allows resource owners to specify in controlled natural language (CNL) their policies for granting access to their resources to users who possess certain sets of verifiable credentials.





Additional Info

Our existing product, Identiproof, is an application independent verifiable credentials middleware, that will plug into any application layer protocol via 3 simple APIs for integration into the VC Issuer, VC Holder and VC Verifier.
The CNL PolicyMan product is a policy management tool that allows resource owners e.g., web sites, hotels, companies etc. to easily specify which VCs they require from users in order for the users to access their resources (physical or virtual). Different policies can be specified for each resource, so for example, each web page at a web site could have a different policy, or different rooms in a building could have different policies.

Enduser Relevance

We provide resource owners with an easy way of controlling access to their resources through a user-friendly graphical interface and supporting infrastructure so they can enforce and specify their policies in controlled natural language


Verifiable Credentials Ltd at [email protected]


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Read full project summary at Video demonstration available here:


Status: Tested and internet-scalable solution

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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