SSI-enabled ‘Contractual Event’ Passport

Enabling businesses to integrate SSI into their contractual record management processes





Additional Info

Domi Labs aims to build an SSI-enabled electronic contracting solution which allows credentialisation of legal contracts and contractual events. This includes providing verifiable evidence of fulfilment of contractual obligations, for example, or any other kind of verifiable selective disclosure of contract details or content in order to build trust with third parties outside of the contract, such as potential creditors, regulators, business counterparties, etc.
We are building a solution that:
* generates, handles, and verifies contracts that are machine readable and tamper-proof, while still being legally binding across EU member states,
* encapsulates the full lifecycle of a contract between two or more parties,
* provides a mechanism for linking real world events to pre-existing contracts, allowing individuals or legal persons to maintain an SSI-capable 'passport' of such events.

Enduser Relevance

This SSI-based solution aims at allowing for streamlined, interoperable electronic contracting. It will enable businesses to transition easily to natively digital contracts and a better management of both internal and external customer relations.


Domi Labs UG at [email protected]


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Country:  Germany

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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