Common cooperative membership using VC

Tools for community-friendly transparent recognition, award and governance of verifiable credentials as user-friendly badges. A coop consortium at W3C is working to standardise trusted membership exchanges between co-operative communities everywhere




Co-operative Credentials

Additional Info

How it works:
1. Verifiable credentials issued on KYC membership or mapped as �proven capability� badges in a forum.
2. Portable membership �badge� credentials, issued and verifiable across communities, with data under the control of the member, not a centralised ID provider.

Makes it easier for co-operators and co-ops to co-operate and share with confidence and convenience� reduce repetitive KYC across the co-operative ecosystem. Saves KYC cost!

What's Next?:
1. Working with and Pavilion Coop on Stay Fair, Play Fair: community-powered independent music micro-touring and tourism: a co-operative 'habitat' for music.
2. Welcoming more co-operatives to the co-op creds community.
3. Working with W3C Community Credentials Group on verifiable credentials for co-operatives.

Enduser Relevance

Community Credentials allows easy mutual recognition of verifiable credentials as 'badges' across instances of community software.
They can be a portable cooperative membership credential that enables easy and trusted interactions between co-ops.


Resonate Beyond Streaming Limited


Read full project summary at

Country:  Ireland Italy Spain

Status: Tested and internet-scalable solution

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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