eSSIF – TRust mAnagement Infrastructure

A global trust infrastructure that can be used to verify the trustworthiness of involved parties in an electronic transaction.





Additional Info

TRAIN (TRust mAnagement INfrastructure) is the Trust Management Infrastructure Component for the ESSIF-Lab Architecture.
The trust management architecture that is made possible by TRAIN enables secure, trustable digital interactions.
At the same time a classical hierarchical CA-type structure is avoided � so is fraud, chaos and the pure dominance of the economically strongest actors in the system.

Enduser Relevance

Individuals or groups of validators can define themselves the trust standards they require. Issuers can publish to what standards they comply. The system is open, but standards for trust are transparent, as the Trust Schemes & Lists can be published.


Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur F�rderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. at [email protected] or phone +49 (0) 711 970-2428


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Country:  Germany

Status: Tested and internet-scalable solution

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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