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Open sourcing Evernym�s credential exchange platform





Additional Info

At Evernym, we have a history of open sourcing our work. Until now, we have kept the top layer of our SSI architecture proprietary.
This layer provides a much easier to use SDK and platform for developers to create compelling SSI deployments compared to the lower level Hyperledger Indy/Ursa/Aries stack.
We want to encourage anyone to develop SSI solutions. For this reason, we have used our ESSIF-Lab grant to convert our proprietary software into repositories covered by a business source license, which itself will convert to an open-source Apache 2.0 license after 36 months.
This enables anyone to use and develop on our code, with all non-production use permitted as well as production use up to a limit.
We believe this will accelerate SSI adoption, removing technical and commercial barriers to entry, by providing the world with access to the best SSI technology available.

Enduser Relevance

Evernym�s products cover enterprise and consumer uses:
� Verity enterprise credential exchange platform
� Mobile SDK for developing consumer credential wallet apps
� Connect.Me our demonstration credential wallet app


Evernym UK Ltd at https://www.evernym.com/about-evernym/


Not available yet


Read full project summary at https://gitlab.grnet.gr/essif-lab/infrastructure/evernym/openup_project_summary


Status: Tested and internet-scalable solution

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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