Automated data agreements

Data Agreements enable organisations to consume and expose data in a legal compliant manner. It simplifies SSI work flows and accelerates adoption by connecting them to a legally endorsed DPIA, automating the flow from DPIA to SSI workflow.





Additional Info

This project standardises Data Agreement schemas and receipts (Consent being one of the legal basis) via a protocol stack that standardizes the process to populate the verifiable credential and remove the pain point from organisations related to data regulatory compliance. In addition, it addresses the challenges with delegated consents and auditability.
In this context, the platform offers:
- Automated compliance, by reducing the risk of non-compliance to GDPR-like data regulations when it comes to personal data usage.
- Improved access to high quality personal data in a transparent manner while empowering individuals to control their personal data usage.
- SSI enabled personal data exchange where companies can leverage personal data assets legally for advanced personalisation.
- End-user SDKs (e.g. Data Wallets, User preference center) that can be embedded into existing mobile applications and portals.

Enduser Relevance

Automating the flow from DPIA to SSI workflow ensures that any company adopting SSI for data exchange has a highly auditable solution where any data agreement receipt can be substantiated by a code of conduct to the originating DPIA performed.


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Country:  Sweden

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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