SSI based authorization for cross-border government and business representatives in logistics

This SSI solution will enable government and business organizations operating in the cross-border logistics ecosystem to authorize their representatives to perform appropriate actions on behalf of the organization using an ecosystem-specific scheme.





Additional Info

Currently, there are no authorization mechanisms that could link natural persons to organization in the cross-border logistics ecosystem.
Problems pop-up when the organization and the representative are from different countries or the representative doesn’t agree to use their personal identifier for organizational purposes. Also, lack of such solution results in inability to ensure interoperability, security, and to prevent fraud.
ESSIF4Logistics will allow to authorize the representative (by issuing VC).

Enduser Relevance

With our solution organizations will be confident that confidential information about logistical operations will not get into the wrong hands, because they will be able to trust their own issued credentials and the credentials that were issued by others.


Systems Integration Solutions, UAB at [email protected]


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Country:  Lithuania

Status: -

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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