Go Aries – Enabling CL-Support on Aries Framework Go

The Go Aries! project focuses on enabling CL signatures and -credentials within the Aries Framework Go to make it compatible with ACA-Py Agents and the Indy-SDK. Therefore, the benefits of the Aries Framework Go are accessible to ACA-Py and Indy.




Datarella GmbH

Additional Info

Hyperledger Aries is the dominant protocol to enable SSI applications. The most popular framework is the Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py) which enables cloud-based SSI agents based on Python and is closely entangled with Hyperledger Indy, a purpose-built blockchain as trust anchor. The dominant signature scheme are Camenisch-Lysyanskaya (CL) Signatures to sign and verify DIDs and Anoncreds. The Aries Framework Go (AfGo) comes more from a ledger-independent approach, which is based on Golang and natively supports JSON-LDcredentials and standard support for ec cryptography and BBS+ signatures. Due to its language wrappers, it can be deployed directly on machines which gives ita crucial advantage over the ACA-Py and its corresponding mobile frameworks.To make machine interaction available to ACA-Py Agents, AfGo agents need to support CL signatures. We want to add support of these signatures to make theAfGo more complete and allow for new use cases in the ACA-Py ecosystem.

Enduser Relevance

We believe that Self-Sovereign Identity applications need to be as interoperable as possible. This benefits the versatility of SSI agents and leads to more diverse SSI use cases. While the AfGo framework has its strengths in being agnostic to the platform it will be deployed on, especially on smart IoT devices, the ACA-Py and Hyperledger Indy are cloud-based and well established SSI agent and trust anchor respectively. These frameworks are complementary but yet barely compatible with each other. Resulting use cases can be build upon a broader technology and hardware specifications.These characteristics give business oriented use cases a broader flexibility and are compatible with many projects that were previously funded by eSSIF. We would very much like to deploy the new AfGo agents on internal car computers and let them talk with each other. However, since the AfGo is very agnostic, we are very open to have a demonstrator use case with other parties from or outside of eSSIF.


Datarella GmbH at [email protected]


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Read full project summary at https://gitlab.grnet.gr/essif-lab/cfoc/datarella/goaries_project_summary/-/blob/master/README.md

Country:  Germany

Keyword: Digital credentialSelf-sovereing Identity

Status: -

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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