your data is YOUR data





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A desirable, open-source, privacy-by-design mobile ecosystem. Your smartphone is harvesting your data all day long, capturing with great detail where you are, who you are, and what you’re doing 24/7. /e/ is the solution to this problem. The /e/-ecosystem consists of several components: /e/ offers an open-source, fully “deGoogled”, mobile operating system (OS), forked from the Android Open Source Project. We have added a privacy-safe search engine, email platform, cloud storage and other online tools.Together these form the first privacy-by-design, open-source ecosystem for your smartphone. /e/ fits well within the NGI vision: /e/ is 100% privacy-first.

Enduser Relevance

your data is YOUR data


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We build desirable, open source, privacy-enabled smartphone operating systems.

Country:  France

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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