Transatlantic testbed for LEO Satellites

Inter-connecting the two testbeds across Atlantic and demonstrating the proposed experiments will allow us to contribute to building more resilient Internet from space which can be deployed quickly at scale during critical events.




Additional Info

In this project, we aim to:
(1) Interconnect the SpaceNet Testbed and its mirror at VT to examine ways in which inter-constellation connectivity can be achieved. This direct connectivity will allow us to explore future scenarios of how different mega-constellation might interconnect (e.g., OneWeb with Starlink or Telesat with Kuiper), without revealing proprietary information of each constellation, creating the equivalent of Interdomain Routing (like the Border Gateway Protocol or BGP) for space networks.
(2) We will explore how mega-constellations behave in the face of failures or disruptions such as jamming and satellite takedowns. The US partner will work on the “Resilience to disruption and failures” experiment design and implementation and will highlight the importance of the constellation design/topology to build a resilient network.

Enduser Relevance

This project will also enable us to propose techniques that would enable more resilient and efficient Internet from space with interoperability between different competing mega-constellations.


Prof. Nishanth Ramakrishna Sastry, (University of Surrey)


Not available yet


This experiment is currently underway.

Country:  United States

Status: Early research demo

Category: Network infrastructure (including routing, peer-to-peer and virtual private networking)

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