The EU – US FairTeam project is addressing the NGI topics of Privacy and Trust enhancing technologies and Decentralised Data Governance, in an open source and cloud-based workspace environment.





Additional Info

In addition, the project is also addressing the integration of identification technologies and vertical integration between the communication services. Making a service available for independent teams is usually happening at a mature level of a product stage. Rocket.Chat supports federation of instances, which perfectly covers the use case of connecting chat groups among instances. Rocket.Chat also supports “discussions”, which inherit team members of a chat group. However, within an organisational perspective, we want to be able to assign selected chat groups to a team as well. Several solutions have been discussed in issue 658 for various use cases, but none has been really satisfying yet for a wider deployment. In this project, the team will be focussing on the mapping of group members with a nextcloud circles via API or with an identity managements system like keycloak to Rocket.Chat teams.

Enduser Relevance

Nextcloud + Rocket.Chat + Keycloak is a top selling open source stack combination and Fairteam can lead to the vertical integration of market leading open source framework to manage and synchronize teams.


Roland Alton-Scheidl, (fairkom Gesellschaft), https://www.linkedin.com/in/rasos/


Not available yet


This project has completed.

Country:  Austria United States

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Services and applications (for example email, instant messaging, video chat, collaboration, cloud storage)

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