Food Data Marketplace

Food Data Market is a comprehensive marketplace supporting new economic models for the future of sustainable food supply chains.





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The project encompasses trust, neutrality, and inclusiveness, which are the core elements of distributed ledger technologies. At the same time, it aligns the incentives of participants along the supply chain. This is enabled by a privacy-by-design approach that allows farmers and cooperatives to win back control over their data, give it a fair price, and sell it to supply chain partners that recognize its value. A human-centric user experience is an important part of ensuring the wide usage of the solution. Food Data Market allows data sellers to provide datasets to data buyers through a user-friendly interface for direct and disintermediated compensation underpinned by an open-source, decentralized infrastructure

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This EU-US collaboration will surely lead to the development of new methods of incentivising data capture with the use of a decentralised data marketplace and a business model to ensure sustainability of the cross-Atlantic collaboration.


Ms. Ziga Drev (Prospeh d.o.o.),


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This project has completed

Country:  Sierra Leone United States

Status: Tested and internet-scalable solution

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)Vertical use cases, improving search and discovery and community building

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