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Responsibility to protect population through peer governance and trusted community

Our project is about developing the P2PR2P software, a secure common-pool-resource governance tool that manages user-driven requests and offers, dispatches knowledge, relationships, and other humanitarian aid or content.





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To develop the experiment two platforms are used: GENI and FABRIC. Employees from Danaides and Sciences Po Tolouse will have access to both of them, by means of Camden University. On these platforms, two testbeds are developed and data collected. GENI allows to allocate slices of distributed resources: the generated traffic flows between clients and to/from a FABRIC-deployed secret server. FABRIC, on its hand, offers an invasive network instrumentation, development and test environment. Its instrumentation tool is used to to break the privacy of normally anonymized traffic.

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This experiment has not completed.

Country:  FR US

Keywords: AfricaDDGdecentralised data goveranceSocial Good

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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