ATLANTIC-eVISION: Cross-Atlantic Experimental Validation of Intelligent SDN-controlled IoT Networks

This project will perform experiments on public testbeds to establish the feasibility of applying OpenFlow and SDN in wireless IoT networks through five experiments: (1) automatic configuration/discovery of SDN in wireless IoT sensor networks, (2) ML- assisted control and data traffic path discovery experiments, (3) GPU and Hadoop cluster assisted experiments for ML algorithms, (4) Failure recovery intercity experiments, and (5) Scalability experiments. The US and the EU teams will provide expertise for experimentation on their respective testbeds. Also, both teams will integrate machine learning-assisted SDN control into IoT, allowing cross-Atlantic experimentation to "stress-test" the project’s novel algorithms.





Additional Info

The technologies and approaches we are proposing in this project can have a huge impact on the speed at which IoT service providers can make their infrastructure efficiently evolve with their market evolution. In fact, the impact of this approach for wireless ad-hoc IoT networking can be extended easily to other IoT device communication platforms (e.g., MQTT) for a comprehensive solution. Furthermore, we aim to create exemplary knowledge by performing experimentation on one of the world’s largest and most advanced wireless testbeds, located over two continents.

Enduser Relevance

The results will allow IoT solutions to be more quickly deployed on wireless ad-hoc networks.


Sachin Sharma, (Technological University Dublin)

Not available yet

This experiment is currently underway.

Country:  Ireland United States

Keyword: EPI

Status: Early research demo

Category: Network infrastructure (including routing, peer-to-peer and virtual private networking)

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