This project is dedicated to the development of an open source data interoperability platform to the telematics sector by helping to transfer drivers (end-users) telematics data from one environment to another.





Additional Info

The scope of the project is to fulfil the end-user (driver) needs with a special focus on data control, privacy and data transfer between different telematics systems. As a result of the project the time and speed of data transmission between telematics systems will be reduced, while creating an industry standard data format emphasizing data control and privacy. This platform will help to share and analyse telematics data. Konetik benefits from the project as the proposed platform allows the company to scale its electric vehicle (EV) feasibility assessment tool through cheaper and faster integration.

Enduser Relevance

Not available yet



Not available yet

Country:  Germany

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Software engineering, protocols, interoperability, cryptography, algorithms, proofs

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