Domi is a digital rental passport and contract management platform that seeks to address the issue of data portability and privacy in the housing rental process.





Additional Info

Domi leverages the new generation of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) based digital identity technology being developed by the European Union through the EBSI/ESSIF project for the rollout of government-backed SSI credential ecosystems in Europe. Using SSI-technology, Domi enables tenants to translate their verified rental data into a highly portable and privacy-preserving “passport” for building trust with landlords globally. On the other side of the equation, landlords benefit from a streamlined, truly GDPR-compliant means of managing their rental contracts. The aim is to establish a universal, simple and privacy preserving way for landlords and tenants to exchange verified rental data in both the rental application process, and in the contract management process.

Enduser Relevance

Not available yet



Not available yet

Country:  Germany

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Software engineering, protocols, interoperability, cryptography, algorithms, proofs

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