Open PKG

OpenPKG is a decentralised data provenance system for improved governance and portability of personal data.





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Open Provenance Knowledge Graph (OpenPKG) is a decentralised knowledge graph for improved governance, portability, and privacy of personal data.

An open-source infrastructural foundation is being created and used to design a system that organisations can use to automate their GDPR compliance and have a transparent way of handling personal data. With its decentralised data provenance system, OpenPKG is introducing an efficient approach to tackle data transparency and portability challenges, also advancing governance and control over personal data by users. The system introduces a middle ground between data subjects, data controllers, and data processors that enables the required transparency when it comes to managing personal data.

An individual-focused web application will allow individuals to search for provenance of their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within selected organisations, triggering responses to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) and providing full visibility to which data is accessible by organisations and what type of usage/processing it was subjected to.

OpenPKG system is open-source, neutral, and inclusive in order to omit service provider lock-ins. Utilising open standards, vocabularies, and ontologies, structured data will be available for easier transfers between service providers. As current solutions lack visualisation tools that would improve users’ understanding of their own data-usage lifecycle and to make informed decisions to retake control of their data, better user experience is to be employed in the OpenPKG to aid users take more active roles as prosumers.

The OpenPKG supports key vocabularies and ontologies to ensure interoperability and enable data connectivity. In order to achieve data integrity, it leverages decentralised networks but without ever exposing personal data to anyone without permissions. Most importantly, it takes into account both users and service providers by allowing clear data ownership and flexible consent management for users (data subjects), and automated DSAR compliance and positive differentiation for service providers.

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