Open PKG

OpenPKG is a decentralised data provenance system for improved governance and portability of personal data.





Additional Info

Open Provenance Knowledge Graph (OpenPKG) is a decentralised knowledge graph for improved governance, portability, and privacy of personal data.

An open-source infrastructural foundation is being created and used to design a system that organisations can use to automate their GDPR compliance and have a transparent way of handling personal data. With its decentralised data provenance system, OpenPKG is introducing an efficient approach to tackle data transparency and portability challenges, also advancing governance and control over personal data by users. The system introduces a middle ground between data subjects, data controllers, and data processors that enables the required transparency when it comes to managing personal data.

Enduser Relevance

Not available yet



Not available yet

Country:  Serbia Slovenia

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Software engineering, protocols, interoperability, cryptography, algorithms, proofs

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