Blockchain and semantic technologies for decentralised copyright management of social media. CopyrightLY enables new and innovative way for media monetization beyond current platforms, like licensing NFTs.





Additional Info

CopyrightLY addresses the proper attribution of social media authorship and ways to go beyond the mechanisms provided by social media platforms for creators to exploit their content, which is usually restricted to monetisation based on advertisements.

CopyrightLY makes it possible to make authorship claims about their content using blockchain technologies, and to associate these claims with additional authorship evidence that can support them in case of litigation.

Creators can also mint NFTs, rooted on their authorship claims to make them trustful. NFT’s metadata is based on semantic technologies and unambiguously states the rights licensed to its owners, defined in a machine-actionable way using a copyright ontology.

The main contribution of CopyrightLY, compared to other solutions for social media copyright, is that it is intended to be integrated with existing social media platforms and work in parallel with them.

Enduser Relevance

CopyrightLY helps content creators, especially those sharing it through social media, gain more control over their creations, how they are used while receiving fair compensation for them.


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CopyrightLY is currently deployed on an Ethereum testnet and thus available just for testing purposes. The source code is available and, though deployable in production networks, the CopyrightLY team is not liable for any loss or damage derived from deployments made by other parties.

Country:  Spain

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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