Ontology based ecosystem for trustworthy Records of Processing Activities (ROPAs).





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The creation of ROPAs is generally perceived as a cumbersome administrative hurdle. As a consequence, personnel in public administration elude this task, which results in a situation where there are public administrations that have this obligation still within their pending tasks. Indeed, this means that they do not comply with the GDPR. Moreover, when ROPAs are available, they are isolated pieces of information, which obstructs knowledge extraction processes based on comparisons and reasoning.

Our solution has two main components. The first one is a domain ontology, a ROPA ontology that collects the knowledge about the information ROPAs should contain. The second component is the technical framework that will support the organization of a community that shares distributed, reliable, connected ROPAs, the ontological ROPAs, on top of which intelligent processes can be applied.

Enduser Relevance

OntoROPA provides ROPAs controllers and data protection supervisors tools and infrastructure to create high quality ROPAs, to share ROPAs with others, to compare ROPAs and to assess ROPAs.




Not available yet


Not available yet

Country:  Spain

Status: Early research demo

Category: Vertical use cases, improving search and discovery and community building

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