Making ONTOCHAIN practical for eCommerce.





Additional Info

POC4COMMERCE promotes a digital platform for electronic commerce through blockchain by means of a shared and common semantic tool, namely, semantic web ontology, where a machine interpretable representation of the provided knowledge is retrieved not just by spellings but by meanings. POC4COMMERCE shapes up a novel digital marketplace founded on a deep ontological characterization of all the stakeholders: the actions they are able to perform, how participants interact, exchange information, take decisions, establish plans, provisions, and obligations, as well as the commercial agents and activities, goods, products, offerings, and services, mainly but not only, related with business and commerce. The ontological core of POC4COMMERCE is built on three layers, one for each key aspect of knowledge and service exchange, with a focus on digital commerce: participants and services, blockchains, and marketplaces.

Enduser Relevance

POC4COMMERCE contributes to an innovative business model where individuals and companies cooperate and coordinate, deciding the allocation and utilization of resources, and the subsequent effect on price, demand, and supply.




Not available yet


Not available yet

Country:  Italy

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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