This project aims to provide a solution (i.e. an architecture, method and technique) to use verifiable credentials in the Solid ecosystem.





Additional Info

The problem:
One way to add trust about the origin of data to an ecosystem is to use verifiable credentials. Those verifiable credentials can be based on developed blockchains and decentralised public key infrastructures (which are often an important part of self-sovereign identity solutions).
However, to the best of our knowledge, the use of verifiable credentials is not yet supported by the Solid specification - nor is it explored in the literature.

The solution:
This project aims to provide a solution to use verifiable credentials in the Solid ecosystem.

A unique characteristic of virtual vaults is that they are, not surprisingly, virtual. That is, the data that is shown in these virtual vaults are actually stored at different parties in data ‘pods’ - following a federated data approach. This also means that a user can share data about him or her that is stored at one party with another party.

Enduser Relevance

For organisations, this additional trust could lead to several concrete applications. For example, they could rely on the data’s origin to ease the onboarding of new customers because the company would not have to verify a person’s data again.



Not available yet


Not available yet

Country:  Belgium

Keyword: Personal datasolidVerifiable Credentials

Status: Early research demo

Category: Software engineering, protocols, interoperability, cryptography, algorithms, proofs

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