We solve the problem of the production grade system for semantic data stored on the Blockchain. It must conform to the fundamental rules of data integrity, confirmability, non-repudiation, and high-availability. Storing and making available essential ontologies, managing data related to users' identification and authorization, data for reputation systems, or data used by Knowledge Graphs, must be fully decentralized. The data must be available across the entire network, without the degradation of performance or universality of search, the data use, or presentation.

'Ontospace is a stable, scalable, efficient and cost-effective network for ONTOCHAIN' is built on the foundations created in the project 'GraphChain – a framework for on-chain data management for ONTOCHAIN' realized in the ONTOCHAIN Project Call 1. It brings the stable software components for running the semantic ecosystem.

The key difference is the tight integration between the Blockchain client and the semantic data base engine.





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Enduser Relevance

Our solution allows for construction of systems for digital identity, supply chains and Knowledge Graphs where the end users benefit from the security and trust of decentralized Blockchain solutions.


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Country:  Poland

Keyword: blockchainDigital IdentityDLTKnowledge GraphsLayer 2LPGOntologyProperty Graphs

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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