Convex Global DLT

Slow and unscalable blockchain systems cannot support the NGI. The Convex network delivers a real-time decentralised global ledger at retail consumer scale at low cost, whilst protecting against double spending, front running and bad actor attacks.





Additional Info

The unique performance has been achieved by Convergent Proof of Stake consensus combined with an ordering of Conflict-free Replicated Data Types. See

It is also explained in the White Paper

The open-source is on Github:

For open discussions join the Discord group:

Enduser Relevance

The solution should be as transparent as the original Internet. The dApps use the Convex utility tokens for smart contract internal transfer of digital data between accounts.


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Not available yet


Anyone may operate a Peer on the network, subject to following protocol rules. As long as protocol rules are followed, Peer Operators are free to customise the software and services they operate as they wish. This might include value added services for users, high end analytics capabilities, performance optimisations etc.
The Convex network is in testnet phase with beta code and no warranties are offered or implied.


Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Network infrastructure (including routing, peer-to-peer and virtual private networking)

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