INGRESS is a microlending platform for unbanked people such as refugees and people from emerging economies. With biometrics, cryptographically verifiable credit histories and cryptocurrencies, we to create a reliable mechanism for microlending





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There was no reliable digital credit history mechanism for crypto lending. By combining biometrics and cryptography, INGRESS makes microlending work on a global scale, thus allowing people to get cheaper credit and lenders earn interest.



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INGRESS does not intend to build a fully decentralized solution on a first iteration. Some components may be implemented in a centralized manner in order to provide safety and protection of user data with a gradual replacement by decentralized components after the validation of the concept.

Country:  Estonia Ukraine

Keyword: biometricsblockchainCreditCredit bureauCredit historyCredit ratingCrypto currencyDecentralized identifiersDigital IdentityInclusionLendingLending platformLoansMicrofinanceMicrolendingMicroloansMobile moneyMobile walletRefugeesVerifiable CredentialsWallet

Status: Early research demo

Category: Services and applications (for example email, instant messaging, video chat, collaboration, cloud storage)

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