Gimly ID

Enabling self-sovereign identity and data exchange for humans, organizations, and objects in societal as well as enterprise settings.





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Siloed and centralized identity systems result in a complete loss of privacy to consumers and exploding data security and compliancy costs to enterprise. At the same time, the unmanageable proliferation of logins and excessive data hoarding is exposing both consumers and enterprise to major data breaches – a trend that is only growing with our society’s digitization and normalization of remote work.

Gimly ID leverages the self-sovereign identity (SSI) architecture to enable a globally interoperable system for selective disclosure and verification of data that does not require any centralized data collection. Using a SSO flow and providing a full application suite of a user-facing mobile app with optional webportals for deployment in managed settings such as enterprise or industry verticals, Gimly ID provides a user-friendly identity and data exchange solution that spans across multiple ecosystems.

Gimly ID facilitates the adoption of SSI by leveraging its benefits at the individual consumer level as well as the organization and enterprise level. Gimly. ID will provide modular features for identity and data management, identity and data recovery, as well as ecosystem governance. With our modular approach and focus on interoperability and integration with other technologies, such as physical NFC identifiers and IoT sensors, the Gimly ID mobile app and webportals can provide value as standalone components, as a complete software ecosystem, or in combination with other existing SSI and non-SSI solutions.

Enduser Relevance

To put users back in control of their data while still ensuring continuity of services and business process requires a seamless user experience that relieves them of the burden of complex cryptography and private key management.



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Not available yet

Country:  Netherlands

Keyword: Cyber securityDecentralized identityEnterpriseGovernmentIndustryprivacySelf-sovereign IdentitySSI

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Category: Software engineering, protocols, interoperability, cryptography, algorithms, proofs

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